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1 box R&S Longevity...jsy # heaven! - swjrp10 - 12-16-2011 04:14 PM

Well, I was Christmas to reward myself I picked up a box (Yes I broke my rule and bought panini). Heres the pulls, I think I did ok for 50 bucks, it was fun (even if it was Panini)

Marvin Austin
Akeem Dent
Chris Conte
Quinton Carter
Luke Stocker
Don Lewis
Cameron Heyward
Pernell McPhee
David Ausberry
Sam Acho

Red Rookies /150
Cortez Allen

Red base /150
Bo Scaife
Donald Driver (just watch, he makes another appearance)

Blue /75
Jonathan Stewart 28/75 (jersey #)

Rookie Revolution jerseys /249
Kendall Hunter
Kyle Rudolph

Blue jsys /100
Donald Driver 80/100 (jsy #)

and of course...since it's panini...
Longevity Rookies Signatures REDEMPTION Ryan Whalen /137

This marks my second Whalen auto redemption in my last two products (see what happens when I break my rules with Panini? lol)

I've never hit two Jersey #ed cards out of the same box, and they're gorgeous cards. How'd I do? And yes, before anyone asks, they're all FT. Thanks all! Merry Christmas!
However, I found an issue when I was trying to put them in my org

All of the cards went in fine, but for some reason there is no un#ed base RC of Akeem Dent or Cameron Heward. I can find the Rookies & Stars version, but not the Longevity. When you search for Longevity, it only shows parallels. Got any suggestions?

RE: 1 box R&S Longevity...jsy # heaven! - alstott9adams - 12-16-2011 05:26 PM

Sweet ebay #"d 1/1 with the driver

RE: 1 box R&S Longevity...jsy # heaven! - swjrp10 - 12-16-2011 05:27 PM

(12-16-2011 05:26 PM)alstott9adams Wrote:  Sweet ebay #"d 1/1 with the driver

I thought so too, that's probably where it'll end up too, unless some Packers fan wanted it be honest I was shocked to see he was still playing lol