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Update? Anyone out there? - tiger8mush2 - 11-16-2011

Seriously its a database. How difficult can it be? Can someone give us an update? A ballpark ETA? Next week? Next year? 2013? Is anyone actually working on this? How can you expect customers to stick by you if you just keep them in the dark? This is horrible customer relations.

RE: Update? Anyone out there? - lane2800 - 11-22-2011

got an email from jeff tonight, said that it wasn't an easy fix according to the data base guys. i don't get it but i guess that's why i'm not a data base guy.

RE: Update? Anyone out there? - tjohnosn - 11-26-2011

I can't add cards, either for about the last month.

RE: Update? Anyone out there? - coimbre 21 - 11-30-2011

If anyone at Beckett is reading, is it a database issue or a database migration issue? If a migration issue, my company specializes in data migrations and could have moved the data in way less time than we your loyal customers have been in the dark, which by the way is no way to grow or even retain a business. I see no point in spending another $1400 for grading as I did on my last order if I can't even add cards to the registry.

RE: Update? Anyone out there? - coimbre 21 - 12-01-2011

Of course moments after I post my comments, it looks like a migration is taking place. We'll see the results on Dec 1.

RE: Update? Anyone out there? - 952melvin3108072 - 12-02-2011

December 2nd, logged in for the first time in a few months. My username is all jacked up, account is like pre 2008 settings. Weird.

Figured I would see whats up with the registry, saw it was down and wondered how long this has been. Read closer and noticed it said the registry would be back up December 1st lol....must be December 1st 2012!

RE: Update? Anyone out there? - sonic311 - 12-02-2011

Does anyone know what's going on with the launch of the new Marketplace/Card Registry?
The message says it would be up the evening Dec 1st. What is going on?

RE: Update? Anyone out there? - coimbre 21 - 12-02-2011

It's Dec 2nd, past the official deadline with no update from Beckett on why the site is not up. I work with enterprise companies in similar and much larger projects on a weekly basis. The project management and customer communication for the relaunch is beyond unacceptable. Organizations fire people for this kind of ineptitude. Beckett is crapping on its loyal customers and proponents of BVG like me.

RE: Update? Anyone out there? - lane2800 - 12-03-2011

it's amazing, the site is down for days, and when it comes back up guess what, still not working.

RE: Update? Anyone out there? - zinger82 - 12-03-2011

Glad to see everyone is frustrated by this. I just got into having my cards graded and decided to go with Beckett after researching which service to use between PSA/BGS. Now I can't even add my cards to the registry. Beginning to wonder if I made the wrong choice...