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trade scans-updated - camco2 - 10-28-2011

ft-looking for something new
will check buckets
'04 sweet spot jose reyes gu (working on a scan)
[Image: zimmudjersey.jpg],[Image: sogardtcauto.jpg],[Image: dejesusauto.jpg],[Image: kilaletterauto.jpg]
[Image: hicksauto.jpg],[Image: longoaggu.jpg],[Image: fieldertoppsgu.jpg],[Image: gonzospectrumgu.jpg]
[Image: heltonspxgu.jpg],[Image: sosabenchmarks.jpg],[Image: rollinsgu.jpg]
[Image: teixieragu.jpg],[Image: ethierAGgu.jpg],[Image: sorianogu.jpg],[Image: gwynnsweetspotgu.jpg]
[Image: wangspectrumgu.jpg],[Image: ccsabathiaspectrumgu.jpg],[Image: posadayslgu.jpg]
[Image: fielderaggu-1.jpg],[Image: cansecogu.jpg],[Image: abreuspxgu.jpg],[Image: knobbygu.jpg],[Image: berkmangameface.jpg]
[Image: clemensnomohudson.jpg],[Image: dicekgu.jpg]
[Image: mulveypatch.jpg], [Image: howardasstitchgu.jpg],[Image: matsuipatchthingy.jpg], [Image: hafnerartifactsgu.jpg],[Image: fielderagbat.jpg],[Image: pedrobowsterrefjers.jpg]
[Image: hafnerbat.jpg]

RE: trade scans - BCBASEBALL12 - 10-28-2011

check me for the hicks auto

RE: trade scans - camco2 - 10-28-2011

(10-28-2011, 09:00 PM)BCBASEBALL12 Wrote: check me for the hicks auto

hicks and gregor blanco autos
wimmers auto and perkins btl auto????

RE: trade scans - yankeeempire - 10-28-2011

check me for all your patch organize is being redone so if you need anything just ask i may have it...Thanks

RE: trade scans - rascrush - 10-28-2011

check me for the sosa

RE: trade scans - elberson - 10-29-2011

i would love to trade for your pujols game used if you can find something?

RE: trade scans - camco2 - 10-29-2011

yankeempire-offer sent

racrush-sorry didn't see anything

elberson-sorry i'm a little low on the pujols stuff right now

RE: trade scans - yankeeempire - 10-29-2011

comment sent on trades page

RE: trade scans - camco2 - 11-02-2011

update-patches and cubs gu's are gone

RE: trade scans - talkntribe - 11-02-2011

check me for the Hafner items.