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RE: how is your team doing? - Icedog76 - 02-19-2012

and after tonight's disaster...the Leafs are 2-1 favs............

To be playing Golf in April...Again

RE: how is your team doing? - wickabee - 02-20-2012

After the last 2 games, I dare say the Canucks switched into playoff mode over the weekend. 2 games, 2 starting goalies chased. Probably the first 2 complete games played by Van. Combined score of 11-4.
They spent the week and a half before that hitting everything that moved and fighting everyone who looked at them funny.
I'm optimistic at this point.

RE: how is your team doing? - jonathani - 11-18-2013

The Blackhawks are tied with Anaheim as point leaders right now, and if they improve only marginally on the road I think Chicago fans are in for another good ride.