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1991 TSR D&D Cards - Bog97th - 10-11-2011 06:40 PM

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any info on these sets? I am wondering about price values for sets,boxes,singles and promos.
The following is the information I have.

"1991" 746 card set with 2 series- SERIES I - cards 1-17 uncut sheet printed insert in Dragon Magazine, (19) cards w/ print run of 4,000, (9) cards limited print run of 3,000, SERIES II (10) cards with limited print run of 10,000, (17) cards with limited print runs of 13,000, promo cards 738-740 on single uncut sheet,742-745 are the same,746 is a giant 8x10 card from Darksun (I believe this was limited to 1,500 and given out at Gen-con).

"1992" Similar to 1991 set but not as limited in print runs near as much.

"1993" Set had 3 series - Each card in this set also had a red foil version. Many promo cards.

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