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'Wants' versus 'Trade For' and Other Questions - ricebondsmntna2young - 09-14-2011 07:45 PM

1. 'Wants' versus 'Trade For'
Do I have it right that the 'Trade For' has entirely replaced the 'Wants' category in the Organize, for all practical purposes, meaning anything that I've checked as 'Trade For' shall have yellow star next to it in the trade tool for both traders?

If that's true, why does the "Wants" subtotal appear up at the very top of my Organize? Why have this category as an option to check off in the Organize at all?

2. Cards Appearing Multiple Times
When I have an entire set marked as 'Trade For,' and then I acquire one of those cards in a trade, the card appears in the 'Recently Traded' folder as a separate card entirely. What's the point of this? The old site used to make all the changes at once, whereas now we have to edit our 'Trade For' separately and trash the new card. It's also very confusing when you can't tell which version of a particular card you're editing - the one that just came in, or the one marked as a want in your Organize.

3. Yellow Stars and Pricing
On the old site, all of the cards that you've marked as wants appear at the top of the list and you could view someone's traders according to price. Why isn't this basic option available to us after all this time?

4. Sending PMs and 2 Different Profile Pages
Why are we unable to reach the user page of a trader when we click their name from the Trade Tool. All I have an option to do is "Send a Message" which is turned off for 99% of traders because they don't want to share their private emails.

Why do we have two different types of profile and user pages in the first place?

5. Add a Comment
Why does the comment section of a trade allow us to type beyond the total amount of characters that can be shown per comment?

6. Pricing Chart
What happened to the chart that follows the progress of a card as it changes value?

I consider myself one of the more loyal members of this site and I just don't understand why after all this time, there hasn't been any measurable improvements on any of these smaller issues that make a huge difference on a customer's experience with the product. I'm not even talking about the added features that were promised to us long ago. It's frustrating beyond words.

RE: 'Wants' versus 'Trade For' and Other Questions - thebwd - 09-14-2011 08:25 PM

(09-14-2011 07:45 PM)ricebondsmntna2young Wrote:  1. 'Wants' versus 'Trade For'
2. Cards Appearing Multiple Times
3. Yellow Stars and Pricing
4. Sending PMs and 2 Different Profile Pages
5. Add a Comment
6. Pricing Chart

1. <i>Wants</i> is for people who only want to use organize and not trade on the site. This would previously be achieved on the old site by using Wants but not checking the Trade check box (which made more sense). I don't know if there are plans to update the statistics with Trade For numbers or not, but it has been mentioned here.

2. This has been brought up and most everyone agrees that the current method is terrible. We have not heard whether or not this will be fixed, but it has been reported.

3. See #2

4. I believe the issue is that they are using a third party forum piece that has its own user management in addition to their existing code. Instead of clicking "send a message", you need to PM through the forum side instead.

5. This has also been reported, but they have not said if or when it will be fixed. If you receive email notifications, the entire comment is included in those, so it is being stored, just not displayed.

6. This is another useful feature that disappeared as part of the "upgrade" that has been reported. Again, no commitment from Beckett has been made to fix this.

Your frustration is shared by many (although a bit less as people jump ship). I am disappointed because this site has such potential. It is still the best organization and trading site in my opinion, but just putting back some simple features that used to be there would make it that much better. They seemed to have thrown out the baby with the bathwater when they abandoned the old site.

RE: 'Wants' versus 'Trade For' and Other Questions - ricebondsmntna2young - 09-14-2011 09:24 PM

Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to go through these with me...that helps.

The 'Wants' vs. 'Trade For' seems like the most obvious unforced error to me. I can't imagine that's made more money from charging for the Organize than the lost revenue from people who've cancelled their OPG and stopped visiting the site altogether. Intuitively, I would've thought it was the free Org that was the best recruiting tool for subscriptions to the OPG. It certainly was for me.

This is still my favorite site with which to trade, organize, and relax. But the volume of trades to be had elsewhere is massive compared to because of how many people have been permanently driven away. There are about 20 regular traders left in the hockey section, if that. Maybe Baseball has fared better.

Addressing these small issues would go a long way to show that someone with authority over these things is listening and cares.