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Just my luck... - Ducks_Fan - 09-10-2011

I get to DJ my first OHL games tonight, albeit an exhibition game, between the Belleville Bulls and Kingston Frontenacs. Coming from a town just 25 minutes from Belleville and a little over an hour from Kingston, I'm definitely excited that they are playing in my hometown of Wellington where I DJ for the Wellington Dukes.

All is not so great though. I was really excited that I was going to get to watch a Anaheim Ducks draft pick Igor Bobkov play; however when I got to the arena I found out he was a scratch... Hoping I can find him around the rink to get a picture with him!

RE: Just my luck... - wickabee - 09-12-2011

That sucks.
I used to do the DJ and announcer thing for minor hockey all the time when I was in high school (in between reffing games). That has got to be the most fun job in hockey outside of playing on the team.

RE: Just my luck... - bonnev659 - 09-19-2011

too bad, hopefully you get to see him soon

RE: Just my luck... - jonathani - 11-28-2011

Well, did you see him?


RE: Just my luck... - Ducks_Fan - 11-30-2011

Nope, he was at Ducks camp I found out...