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RE: Shipping money NEEDED. - dbacks08 - 09-09-2011

I counted 11 that I either was unsure about, or that I know are likely incorrect.

RE: Shipping money NEEDED. - dbroockerd - 09-09-2011

were is the fool that started this thread? I am gonna post my answer in a sec

I am down to two and I can't for the life of me figure them out.
PM sent
Here is what I got. The last 2 are impossible. They just don't fit into the 2006 squad IMO. Morgan should read Wilkerson but my photo has not updated yet.
[Image: 2006SmokiesPlatecopy.png]

RE: Shipping money NEEDED. - 0mattinglyalexander0 - 09-10-2011

I couldn't do a thing with Beckett this morning. I had a page opened from last nigh and I could check one message from roockered and that was it.

Anyway, this fool says you both did an ok job, but roockered has the least wrong.
That is not Tony Pena, it's Garrett Mock. Not Glant either. Shappi and Morgan are not on there either.
Morgan got his jaw broken I believe... only after a few games. I started the plate later.
Morgan and D'Antona invited me to go fishing once... nice guys.

Here's Pena's signature:
[Image: tonypenaauto.jpg]

I declare you both weiners... I mean winners. Big Grin

db08: your cards have shipped

RE: Shipping money NEEDED. - dbroockerd - 09-10-2011

So lets see the correct answers and who are the ones I didn't figure out at all? I was really guessing on the Glant and I new that didn't match Pena but was hoping his sig had just changed a lot. Wilkerson, Avlas, and Kinsey are the others I questioned myself on.