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09-10 UD Blasters x2 - giantsfan - 09-08-2011 10:15 AM

Well, I didnt do too shabby for having only paid 11.98 a box at Walmart

The first blaster came with one dual jersey who i got Chris Paul/Steve Nash. also got an SP rookies of Blake Griffin and Gerald Henderson. 6 other rookies including Marcus Thornton. 3 Michael Jordon Legacy. Not a bad break.

The 2nd blaster came with one dual jersey who i got Kevin Garnett/Chris Bosh. also got an SP rookies of Stephen Curry and Wayne Ellington. 8 other rookies including Taj Gibson. 3 Michael Jordon Legacy, a Larry Bird Masterpiece insert, and 2 Now Appearing inserts of Tim Duncan and Rasheed Wallace.

None is for trade or for sale and sorry i dont have pics Sad I need to find time so i can do that. but just thought i would share with ya guys!