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Pinhole and Grading - sonnyday - 09-07-2011

Ive located a beautiful vintage card (to be named later so i dont get bidded against). But it has great corners, great centering, great edges. Only problem is their is a pinhole directly in the top center of the card. The price is reasonable as the seller realizes the pinhole is hurting the value.

How would PSA grade this? Is it an automatic PSA 1 or A because of the pinhole? In my opinion it comes back a 7 if the pinhole was not their. Card is from the early 50's.


RE: Pinhole and Grading - beatles guy - 09-07-2011

They are probably going to grade it at a 1 or maybe a 2. Pinholes are pretty harsh in the grading world. If it's a card you love, I would still have it slabbed with an "A" for preservation and presentation.

RE: Pinhole and Grading - waynetalger - 09-08-2011

I have a few pinhole T-206s with sharp corners and they all grade a 1. I have some others with creases and they grade a 2. go figure. I would rather have a pinhole than a crease through the face of the player or a crease through the center of the card any day of the week.