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Trade Thread - esa0315 - 07-28-2011

Haven't posted a trade thread in awhile.Well here it is.Looking for anything that catches my eye or high end Bonds.Enjoy and thanks for looking.
[Image: 002.jpg]
[Image: 003-1.jpg]
[Image: 007-2.jpg]
[Image: 008-1.jpg]
[Image: 001-9.jpg]

RE: Trade Thread - p18mann - 07-28-2011

me want pujols!

RE: Trade Thread - iamralpho - 07-28-2011

Interested in the Gallardo, let me know if we can make a deal

RE: Trade Thread - scarc12 - 07-28-2011

I like the Posada/Rivera. Let me know if your interested in anything. thanks.

RE: Trade Thread - kevinnashoutsider - 07-28-2011

interested in gallardo if still available

RE: Trade Thread - dbroockerd - 07-28-2011

check me for the Griffey and Pujols RCs and of course I'd take a shot at the big one the triple auto

RE: Trade Thread - iconms - 07-28-2011

I like the Gonzalez, Weeks and the Gypsy Triple

RE: Trade Thread - bustin 5 knots - 07-28-2011

I'd love the triple auto but there's no way I can afford it or trade anything for it

RE: Trade Thread - bunk27 - 07-28-2011

check me for the posada/rivera...

RE: Trade Thread - tjacobson8 - 07-28-2011

please check me for the yovani and the weeks. really need the haver more then whats in my org.