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RE: Panini or Upper Deck - shigfrag - 06-18-2011

Between Panini and UD: Panini! I won't buy UD right now, for the same reason I won't buy Press Pass. I have no interest in college cards. In addition, there's the lack of respect issue I have with UD. That is, I don't respect them and don't buy their new stuff. After counterfeiting those damn Konami cards, they just seem sleazy to me. It's been dowbnhill from there, losing the licensing rights from the top three sports leagues in cards. Let's face it, the only reason they're making these NCAA products is because they messed up and therefore can't make "real" football cards anymore.

RE: Panini or Upper Deck - swindlehurst - 06-18-2011

oh....interesting...I didn't know about the whole UD losing licensing rights. I knew tops were the only ones for MLB. I did get a couple packs of 2010 tops magic. love those the style. I might have to get a box of them. They going to do a 2011 release of the magic?

RE: Panini or Upper Deck - swindlehurst - 06-19-2011

Is Topps Magic a one time run? I really like the cards. Solid looking and love the cardboard itself.

RE: Panini or Upper Deck - spazmatastic - 06-19-2011

Magic is a yearly released set. I think they usually come out around Thanksgiving.

RE: Panini or Upper Deck - shigfrag - 06-19-2011

My only beef with Magic is I like some stats on the back of my card. Last year took up the majority of the back with those city pictures. Didn't like that at all. I like Panini's classics, but really wasn't really blown away by anything this past year. I'm hating Topps and Paninis releases this year. Granted they only have one each so far, but I think they're hideous.

RE: Panini or Upper Deck - swindlehurst - 06-19-2011

got a blaster of the topps rising rookies...not impressed. hell my patch card was christian ponder with a seahawks logo. the panini didn't impress me much either. glad to hear the magic is yearly. will have to look to preorder that. thanks for all the info