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RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated July 28 / 2011 - ricky williams 34 - 08-13-2011 02:12 PM

(08-06-2011 02:52 PM)mikeandshirl Wrote:  Tks Wendy you are a great person. And if Shirl was here R.I.P. she would say the same. Thank You again Mike

No problem Mike. It was an easy transaction and you're an exceptionally considerate trader. Wish everyone was like you.

Here's to Shirl!!

RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated July 28 / 2011 - chibearsboy - 08-13-2011 04:11 PM

(08-13-2011 02:09 PM)waynetalger Wrote:  Help!! Help!! Help!! I'M GETTING ROBBED. I AM NOWHERE ON THE LIST!!! HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!


Just kidding

I was just wondering if there are a few that feel this way. If there is it is time to man up or woman up which ever it would be and get some trades moving.
WHAT!!! are you kidding me?? i Forgot you my friend?? what am i a complete IDIOT!?....stupid concrete guy...THAT pisse_ me sorry.
you are one of my FAVORITES on here brother.. i will fix that,you are trustworthy and care like a good trader should be. i love that about you.
and youre a funny SOB....hehe...

RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated July 28 / 2011 - biglump007 - 08-14-2011 08:25 AM

Don't guess I've ever given my full list most if not all are probably on there already. My list is people I trust completely no slight to anyone not on it, I have done trades with many others but these people are ones I would send any card I had to if they needed it.

James. ( Jncdrew )
That Bearsboy. ( Chibearsboy )
The Patchologist. ( Mik253 )
RW34, Wendy. ( Rickywilliams34 )
Corn Dog. ( Itsdagooch )
Ryan. ( RS20 )
Ryan. ( RGF17 )
The Good Doctor. ( Branesergen )
Blount Smoker. ( Rogue655 )
Deucearoo. ( Deuce6000 )
Kell Kell, KKG. ( Koolkellygirl )
Ron. ( Giantsfan270 )
Floyd. ( Floydtown )
Matt. ( Mattfastiggi )
Berry Picker. ( Flcardinals )
Jeff. ( Osujeffrey )
Gangster. ( Gangstippie )
Gonzo. ( Mrgonzodad )

I don't have my actual list in front of me so I probably missed someone but again these are people I trust completely.

RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated July 28 / 2011 - hotpixssportscards - 08-16-2011 06:13 AM

(05-29-2011 06:06 PM)chibearsboy Wrote:  OK folks.. i want to have a list of good traders... ones I TRUST...and YOU TRUST...
add at any time and i will update..i have some real good friends here and i'm sure you do too..ADD THEM please.
i would love to know some more i can trade with and still sleep at night..
And i know we all dont get along all the time,RIGHT?...THIS IS A "TRUST" list..not a "LIKE" list...OK?... although i like all on my list...some might not

these are the members i would buy a used car from sight unseen...i trust them that much.
in no particular order and i have traded with most of these fine people..or they are just a class act.. that simple

and PLEASE...NO rude comments from the peanut gallery.. it is JUST A LIST OF GOOD FOLKS TO TRADE WITH...


HERE IS THE LIST IN ORDER....A-Z ( THANKS spazmatastic! ) well done!

0264roadrunner1964 (also by mik253 ,gadsden86)
all day baby (also by soccerscrub, wavytiger1975, waynetalger ,quobbinnobbin )
Bakerman8419 (also by deuce6000, gangstippie, spazmatastic, wavytiger1975 ,jncdrew )
bigt314 (also by waynetalger, itsdagooch)
blaze92585 (also by jncdrew)
Budmademewizer (also by qbcollectorlionsfan, jncdrew )
cybertrenz02 (also by patsfan129 )
dabears1985 (also by deuce6000)
daytonator (also by deuce6000, wavytiger1975, jncdrew )
deuce6000 (also by , quobbinnobbin, jncdrew ,martywood74)
dloegsw (also by tracy08606)
floydtown (also by gangstippie , spazmatastic,
wavytiger1975, mcleodfive, jncdrew, jfrench91)
itsdagooch (also by mik253 ,jncdrew )
jallwine1 (by soccerscrub)
jncdrew (also by deuce6000, jfrench91 )
koolkellygirl (also by deuce6000, gangstippie, mrmagnum75, mrfcc ,jncdrew ,martywood74)
lambeaulegend4 (also by deuce6000, jncdrew )
Mik253 (also by wavytiger1975, jncdrew )
Mrgonzodad (also by mik253 ,jncdrew)
nineof (also by mik253)
packerbkd ( also by jncdrew)
pbean (also by deuce6000 ,jncdrew, wavytiger1975 )
phoenixrising34 (also by soccer scrub, spazmatastic, mik253)
rickywilliams34 (also by deuce6000, gangstippie, spazmatastic, mik253, by jncdrew)
ripkenfan72 (also by and spazmatastic, tracy08606, waynetalger ,mrfcc ,jncdrew)
sensei322 (also by mik253, Marinoisking)
stefanjwhite (also by mik253)
thegreat48 (also by spazmatastic, the shadow, tracy08606, wavytiger1975, quobbinnobbin, jfrench91)
titan fan
younglover (also by wavytiger1975 ,mik253)

7whodey (by dwegner1)
ascheufele ( by quobbinnobbin)
asuchris (by soccerscrub)
beatles guy (by spazmatastic)
believenblue (by deuce6000)
Biglump007 (by deuce6000, jncdrew ,martywood74)
blaynero (by spazmatastic, tracy08606, quobbinnobbin , chibearsboy)
branesergen (by biglump007, wavytiger1975 ,jncdrew )
broo42 (by soccerscrub)
calvin t rink (by quobbinnobbin)
cam73 (by mrfcc, martywood74))
ceocards (by jsonnentag, spazmatastic, usafshelland)
chibearsboy (by deuce6000, pbean ,waynetalger ,mik253 ,jncdrew )
cox1781 (by wavytiger1975)
cutlett (by dwegner1, spazmatastic)
crazyforkinsler5, (by mrfcc, quobbinnobbin)
dannyr129 (by koolkellygirl)
demondukk (by deuce6000)
dlswmla ( by quobbinnobbin)
douginc (by spazmatastic)
dragik (by mrfcc, jfrench91)
drobinson23mvp (by dabears 1985)
dspainjr (by spazmatastic)
dublup (by ripkenfan72)
dwegner (by mik253)
ebelvin ( by martywood74)
evolb909 (by dwegner1, spazmatastic)
favrebacker4life (by mrfcc)
favrecollector4 (by koolkellygirl)
fbcking (by mik253)
fbqueen (by shigfrag)
flcardinals29528 (by deuce6000, and spazmatastic, mcleodfive)
ft28jags (by raider34990 ,ebelvin, jfrench91)
gamblers heaven (by dwegner1)
gangstippie (by spazmatastic, tracy08606)
giantfan270 (by deuce6000)
gopwarrior (by gangstippie, pbean)
gottabe (by mik253)
Hardcount32 (by Mrgonzodad)
hurdygurdyman (by quobbinnobbin)
hotplugs (by tracy08606)
iEagles (by ejnfl24)
jallwine1 (by soccerscrub)
jboedicker (by pbean, qbcollectorlionsfan)
jdubbs10 (by bigt314)
jennings85collector (by the shadow)
jfrench91 (by jncdrew)
jheringa09 (by pbean, tracy08606)
jlp1976 (by raider34990)
jmessick86 (by dwegner1, tracy08606)
jrlebert (by raider34990)
jsonnentag (by wavytiger1975)
junko0138934 (by gangstippie)
crazyforkinsler5 (by martywood74)
lpearce7 (by rs20, quobbinnobbin)
mattfastiggi (by biglump007)
mblackmore (by Mrgonzodad)
mecooncat (by pbean, quobbinnobbin, martywood74)
megatron1764 (by jncdrew)
megatronford (by pbean)
micorps (by mik253, jncdrew )
mickey7mantle7 (by soccerscrub)
mikeandshirl ( by ricky williams 34)
mjmj1966 (by jncdrew)
montanaCollector1619 (by koolkellygirl, chibearsboy)
mooncricket916 (by gangstippie, shigfrag, quobbinnobbin)
monsterx (by deuce6000)
mpc2876 (by jncdrew)
mrhurtado (by koolkellygirl, tracy08606)
osujeffrey (by deuce6000, jncdrew)
oumike83 (by raider34990)
packerbackerdd (by pbean, wavytiger1975, jncdrew)
Patsfan129 (by cybertrenz02)
philly eagle in az (by deuce6000)
pretz (by spazmatastic)
qbcollectorslionsfan ( by jncdrew)
quobbinnobbin (by mrfcc)
REBEL74 (by raider34990)
redskins316 ( by jncdrew)
rgf17 (by biglump007, qbcollectorlionsfan, patsfan129 ,martywood74 )
rifdog22 (by mcleodfive )
rimcdonald (by bigt314, dwegner1)
rkyrocrat (by wavytiger1975)
rogue656 (by deuce6000 ,jncdrew ,martywood74 and apparently everyone)
rs20 (by dabears 1985)
scollignon (by quobbinnobbin)
sconnienation3 (by pbean, wavytiger1975)
SharonBoston (by Mrgonzodad)
shigfrag (by martywood74 )
snailmonk (by jncdrew)
spazmatastic (by gangstippie, ripkenfan72)
steelersnation28 ( by jncdrew, martywood74))
stevenbailey84 ( by Mik)
stevca (by quobbinnobbin)
stocktonkevin (by quobbinnobbin)
sufi1983 (by gangstippie)
thecardboardfan (by soccer scrub, spazmatastic)
the shadow (by pbean)
toohod (by jncdrew)
tone81 (by Mrgonzodad, martywood74)
tracy08606 (by gangstippie, spazmatastic, jncdrew)
troyatc20 (by quobbinnobbin)
wavytiger1975 (by martywood74)
whovrr (by soccerscrub)
wiser (by wavytiger1975)
wtsjr (by wavytiger1975)
xxbigjohn79xx (by bselje, mcleodfive, jfrench91)

how can i get added. thnks. johjn

RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated July 28 / 2011 - Marinoisking - 08-16-2011 07:53 AM


All people from recent trades that went as smooth as could be.

RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated July 28 / 2011 - chibearsboy - 08-16-2011 08:29 AM

(08-16-2011 06:13 AM)hotpixssportscards Wrote:  how can i get added. thnks. johjn

like this....
HELLO EVERYONE!!! John (hotpixssportscards) would like to be added to the list....PLEASE...if you have traded with him and would like to put him on the list, LMK asap....thank you so much! he sounds like a good dude

RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated AUG. 7 / 2011 - deuce6000 - 08-20-2011 06:29 PM

love you nickname list lump lol.

RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated AUG. 7 / 2011 - chibearsboy - 08-20-2011 08:48 PM

i will get this updated sunday Y'all. Lump....youre so funny. you are the lumpster to me.
: )

RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated AUG. 7 / 2011 - spazmatastic - 08-20-2011 10:06 PM

You can add my name beside of 'gamblersheaven', 'wavytiger1975' and 'deuce6000'. I completely trust these guys and would def. deal with all of them again. I have no problem with referring them to other traders!

RE: THE GOOD TRADER LIST..updated AUG. 7 / 2011 - deuce6000 - 08-23-2011 06:34 PM

Thanks spaz appreciate the vote of confidence Smile