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RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/2/12) - sconnienation3 - 06-05-2012 03:12 PM

PM sent regarding yet another banned member back under a new name...

RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/10/12) - floydtown - 06-10-2012 07:31 PM

Updated list with an address in Tolleson, AZ and Sunrise, AZ.
IDs- lolows64, dodger1, chevy123

RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/10/12) - th3coroner - 06-10-2012 11:12 PM

(02-16-2011 04:56 AM)floydtown Wrote:  These members between the =========have outstanding trades and are not communicating unless otherwise noted- I need to hear from you asap:
If you are banned and wish to contact me about making good, email

**dena17- (Benld,Il)- owes duck6700j
**rad_1205- (Barksdale AFB, LA) -owes Haze28, ryanmo5, tntmclmm
**gary991979- (Mississauga, ON ) -owes roussy35, rayeates, mrwildcat
**bigdawg0288- (Berlin, NJ) -owes ne12bc12
**hiflew- (Richmond, KY)- owes alto4life, jacobclark04240, shivelycore
**adavis2004- ( Lacrosse, VA)- OWES hornebag, basilone, thebwd and John Lamica *contact made, just returned to site after 2 years.
**and1hotsauce (Germany) - owes jarrrrrod


These members are banned due to bad trades, TOS violations, etc. If it is for bad trades then it will show who that user owes. If nothing shows as owed, the member was banned for other reasons.

If you are banned and wish to contact me about a resolution, email

**Please contact me if trading with new members who have these addresses!!


**lolows64, dodger1, chevy123- (Tolleson, AZ) (Suprise, AZ) owes-
**woosterar, woosterar72058, clozza95, clozza, woosterarcards - (Greenbrier, AR) -owes Toddaray


**rkyrocrat-(rancho cordova, CA ) -owes heaterhabs
**calripkenjrcollector -(Chula Vista, CA) -owes bigdawg0288, chrysleraspen08, bigdawg0288
**FiremanZack (San Jose, Ca) -owes greg2424, dark crawler88, heaterhabs, gervdaddy
**TomahawkChris (Clovis, CA) owes - jimfalbo21 and dkotart
**MattRyanCollector, pinkeye661, 49ers661, sf49ersfan420, backinblack78, SuperCollector11, ilovefootballcards42, ilovefootballcards49, cardcollector661, footballcardguy420, ilovecards661(Shafter, CA)- OWES kencag2005, basden, cox1781, titansaussiefan, KCKard21, bdb1, cccupps420 (damaged card)


**avs hockey fan -(Lakewood, CO) - owes lpearce7
**Dragon1970 (pueblo, colorado ) -OWES Ked9918, Redskins316


**Bonzai2144,bartkowskifan,PRINCESS PBJ,jack0hearts -(Waterbury, CT ) -OWES carolinahuey, ceocards, grandam1697,collector57, collectorofdjeter, kabo0kie


**card ripper- (Mulberry, FL) owes owes sjjb24 (contact made)
**falcons2fan- (Longwood, FL)- owes Ande_23 from 10/26 sale. Promise after promise about Im sending this week. coming up on 3 months
**fltankgirl711- (W. Melbourne, FL) - owes randall617, 7whodey and mrmcphisto13
**joshtrussel- (JACKSONVILLE, FL) - owes AdamDye86
**elbermelissa, yankeezh13, boomets, chamberlain213, jeter2393,
marcissacs, yankeezh13141516, kobebryantblackmamba, j_hordish
- (Boca Raton, FL or Houston, TX)
**Mikael1963, Linda1966, juniors1989, supposedscammer, amberkay (Pensacola, FL) (Need info)
**ptbake7- (Cape Coral, FL) - owes zaccheus85

**jmc316-(Roswell, GA) -owes jacobclark04240, sesfan01 and jdberia
**jonathanhlynn (Savannah, GA ) owes-Javyt1125


**chicagocollector -(Niles, IL) -owes - minsoo
**HallOfFameCollector (Bourbonnais, IL) - owes calebasset
**ldaj39- (Canton, IL) - OWES HHH TGT


**newbieredsfan (Delphi In) owes esa0315
**brandon garrett-(Evansville, IN) -owes klarson03 & dkotart
**dbrown31 (Janestown,IN) -owes buyselltrade4fun, hygt, austler


UMFAN87, Brittabee23637,UMFan87,IBISUM47, GoCubbiesGo2011, GoCubbiesgo
- (ONAWA, IA)- OWES $$ BGT, da bears1985, jkamsterdam
**IowaFamily5 -(Rudd, IA) owes - joereis and Rob024420


**Dumervil92- (Richmond, KY) - owes e-stout
**robdicken- (Elsmere, KY)- owes bonds20001
**fortyfacemoh, fortyfacemohwhat, 49erTim08, tlarsen7(Cincinnati, OH and KY)- multiple addys/ID's


**rimcdonald -(West Monroe , LA ) -owes john1580
**Stephen96- (Slidell, LA) - owes rcostello3,


**Hawk8329 - (Germantown, MD) owes zmchoes


**khabibulinfan39- (Belmont, MA) -owes griffindurlin


**Num1monroefan, changlikecards, BuyLowSellHigh - (Wyoming, MI)
**Arod812 , Kennyslaw, Tyronebiggums, arod846, dabreadwinner, cheeseslices - (Grand Rapids, MI)-
**tdgast -(Caro, MI ) -owes rastronomicals, TheCardboard Fan, duck6700,1hugeSTLfan
**bowen2261 -(Eastpointe, MI) -owes Heavyhitter47 and collectorofdjeter


**BigHurtCollector35-(Warren, MN)- sent damaged card, will not replace. Look for new account !!
**Blitz84-(Barnesville,MN) -owes KCKard21, The Ultraback, cox1781, stephenmsellers ($350 trade), gogiants78, dennisvillesports
**ajmarco316 -(Mankato, MN ) -OWES PackerBackerDD, ripkenfan72

**pfosset(MSF) - (Helena, MT) owes beatles guy


**nerk01- (Lincoln, NE) - owes bonds20001


**yamaha R1, scott speed fan (Reno, NV) -owes MontanaCollector1619, The Great 48, bluefrozencanuck



**Joey Smith, JayBrucefan48, JAYBRUCEFAN32, Mourneaufan33- (Clementon, NJ ) owes prymetyme1035, jnjbj and KryKslr
**patchprincess-(Edison, NJ) - owes john1580
**lambeauleap12to85- (Brick, NJ) -owes mecooncat
**elitesportscards4u (Williamstown, Nj ) -owes totally sports, ftballcardz, Bobby Rain
**Petenice1313, MetsandJets4Ever-(Collingswood, NJ, Blackwood, NJ)- OWES moncitysportscards, trucker31, slimreinecke, eenrique25, kwikford1969, franciscomarina, waynetalger,rimcdonald, austler, dwegner1, marv253, quobbinnobbin
**mikal818, Anthony79 -(Metuchen, NJ )-OWES- bselje, blaynero, EricMunkeIII, dragon1970, 7WhoDey , dennisvillesports, guidry123, raidaz89, carolinahuey, Rob024420, MQ13, BNIC4LIFE, Wisconsinboy42, thunda blunda, Mik253, AUTaxMan, Ravens09, Bobby Rain, rcostello3, mcb0419


**smuto26- (Cold Spring Harbor, NY) owes usafshelland
**shaqeatsthat- (Bayside, NY) -owes kct1, htowntigger,
**elena23, elena4ever, FreenyFan, cowboyking1024, dallascowboys80,eli80, Eli Fan, Eli8024- (Rome, NY)


**Bjwarranty-(Shelby, NC) -owes 54killebrew74, chaudhrysunny , mrhurtado17
**zgraves85, papalouiebiaches, Panthersuck85- (Cache, OK, Fayetteville, NC, FT Polk, LA. , Leesville, LA or nearby towns) -owes anjatlf, THE GREAT 48, dylan1018, CrazyForKinsler5, GoRedsGo1, dmeyer24, whitewolf2367, daytonator, Ked9918, GeorgeHenryCollector, PackerBackerDD, swervin5000, pbean, Totally Sports, bucsboy05, mooncricket916, bdubs3316, Daytripper66, SconnieNation3, cox1781, foleylion08, dmbucsfan, and Alamosakid.


**wphunter34, wolveswin41, JRjumpshot, cardaddicts, Mattelfan, Rebel31 - (Wahpeton, ND) -OWES dwegner1, dabears525, nickm1123, bigken117, mikal818, buyselltrade4fun


**mackalack - (Dayton, OH) owes fbqueen
**clippersstrippers, lebronjamestv, melcla- (Willoughby, OH ) -owes eric387387, rkatsuyama and randall44
CS told him to contact mod gmail to get back on and he never did. Instead he creates a new ID of lebronjamestv- BEWARE !! Still trying to trade through whatever means possible. Report any contact from this guy; dont get taken !
**drmurryphd, Hotcardsman, needthecash, Tam2, PCBuilder, Ladodgersfan, Uniquepieces, tommurry, myhotcards, Dr Tom Murry, indiansguy, ladodgersfan2004, tommurray, tmurry2, BPRPRP1965, ladodgersfan200, ladodgersin2004-(NEW ADDRESS= SHIPPENSBURG, PA,/ Lewistown, PA,/Yorkville,OH, Wharton,WV, /Elm Grove, WV,)
**Beerman39, Rattlesnake sports cards and memorabilia, 0273, jdog28, JAMES72, onetimes11, littlefockers2, ebaybuyer, fastfive1- (North Canton, OH & Canton, OH) Multiple addresses & IDs
**whodeyreds- (Cincinnati, OH) -owes goredsgo2
**Trademeyourbeanies, harvscardworld is his seller ID- (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) -owe sstevca, joncarrie2006, twitch120208, xacvol, cobra221, blaynero, velcrostitch24, foleylion08, leadmetogreatness, Richard Motl Fransen, LPearce7. Selling cards from above on ebay.
**fortyfacemoh, fortyfacemohwhat, 49erTim08, tlarsen7(Cincinnati, OH and KY)- multiple addys/ID's

**scooner, alford3, cubbiefan_3- (Ada, OK) - owes charbs1111 and fshstry10


**cge13- (Winchester, OR) - owes beginesj
**Lazy1Books (White City, OR) - OWES HHH TGT


**jbaez2012- (Temple, PA) - owes (rjcj2017) and forum disruption/profanity
**vicktodesean710 (MSF) - (Lehighton, PA) owes ahvjr
**hardcount32 -(Hallstead, PA) - owes usafshelland, mrmagnum75 and yankeeempire
**lemario66 -(Export, PA) - owes parallelguy and dragik
**Worldseries2008, Mikeyy1215- (Bensalem, PA) -owes CasonFanUK, vintagecardseller, joserobles and Mrmcphisto13. Uses multiple names and a address in OK
**krawdaddy66 (Philadelphia, PA) owes - rastronomicals and gfnodak supercharged
**spazboynofx (Sayre, PA) owes - duck6700j and rastronomicals
**jtstanton78 (Ford City, PA ) -owes HerinGA09, austler
**ROOKIE COLLECTOR 626, mazzvin2226- (Bangor,PA)
**RedStitchedLeather, Kool Kardz, quadnutgin, Mahalickdaballa,
kingofdacourt, gopher2005, ronnieboy68, 9ronnieboy68, fl4k3z, testaverdefan, brennanscards, TheSpirit33
-(Windber,PA) -OWES-yankeescop


**P4r4b014- (Columbia, SC) owes - JimmyDELPasoTX and ceocards
**jakelongwood -(Columbia, SC ) -OWES waynetangler, wampier, CptNemo66, chitownsports216, and sherifoballstown


**marinoisking, MarinoHOF, dolphins_celtics13 (MSF) (rogersville, TN )-owes brouse6759, chads-cards, BauerNYJ, chalkitup21 and pay it forward. Active on BO forums as MarinoHOF
**ericchavezfan007- (Birchwood,TN) -OWES bluefrozencanuck
**squareskins -(Seymour, TN) -OWES All Day Baby, BNB182, and rhane42


**favrebacker4life- (Yoakum, TX ) -owes totter
**goredsgo2, needtheinfonow1 (Big Spring Tx) owes- ftballcardz cash/cards
**mabester- (Lackland AFB, TX) - owes goonstud
**dorkypunkrockerguy- (Cleburne, TX) - owes esa0315, deja5, toddaray, chaudhrysunny, buckunteer, chiefsncards275, jsonnentag, mickey87, atteberry23, supremelou, taffster74, Rjasiak, crimedawg47, pres2020 (received partial trade) and ELevin99 (Dorky mailed 7/6- (6 trades received and then they stopped)
**elbermelissa, yankeezh13, boomets, chamberlain213, jeter2393,
marcissacs, yankeezh13141516, kobebryantblackmamba, j_hordish
- (Boca Raton, FL or Houston, TX)


**girlgotgame-(Ogden, UT) -owes KCT1


**ryanbostonredsox, YanksFan25- (Milton, VT) - owes bman12

**dugoutva (Port Republic, VA) -owes sjjb24
**iS1CAM, travellingmandan - (Virginia Beach, VA) -OWES troyatc20, johnsotm, tracy8606, BigT316, mooncricket916m, hiiimitalian989
**Fistcitycaps- (Sandston, VA OR Chesterfield, VA) - owes nickthekid87, scarc12
**NYfanatic, NYKfan4Life- (Manassas, VA) -owes KCT1, DennisdrCards, Basketballeric25
**(Chesapeake,VA) (Henderson,NV)- contact Mod !
**rjbsalemlax25 (Salem, VA ) -owes IamRalpho and kata78


**marinersguy41 (Graham, WA) - owes chrissa19978
**1kendog1, kdoggy69, chuckbeezle, leebop, leebop1, jets360 (Vancouver, WA)- pinkeye661 - $50 Joe Montana jersey card, pinedaboys2- Favre auto, Foote auto, + (sent empty envelope and admitted it before being banned), nbaker30 - sent 2 base cards instead of correct cards
**largent007- (Marysville, WA)- owes Floydtown
**marv253 (Tacoma, WA) -owes wiser


**adamdkaras, AdamAndrewKaras, adamdkaras173424, adamdouglaskaras, adamkarascards, akaras173424, andrewkaras12, karas1998- (West Allis, WI) -owes cuder197855 and Maumee29
**kevinnashoutsider- (Wisconsin Rapids, WI) -owes kata78, amysb4212, hitnrun9 and Kwikford1969 damaged card and refused to make good
**djeternal, jkrock20 (Wausau, WI) -owes packerbkd, crazycarl54, bselje, mecooncat


**Jakelovescards, Raven, Black Raven - (Cheyenne,WY)
-owes $350 to dbroockerd (Paypal refunded)- paypal scam; sends empty magnetic holders. Also sold the same card to vpina87
-owes vpina87 $175 paypal
-2nd victim 12bradshaw68 same thing happened with empty holder
-owes james lacroix $200 card, plus $150.00 in Paypal for a Bryce Harper AU ref. sent him a EMPTY package
-owes MrSwankTank21 a 2012 Topps Tribute Stan Musial auto /99
He sent him 30.00 paypal and a 2011 Topps 60 Starlin Castro auto
-owes rspenner Gypsy Queen cards, paid $12
-owes giants1957 2 autos in trade
-owes baker100309 Cain auto
-owes kata78 $60 in bv
-owes arod0770710 2012 Topps Historical Stitches #MM Mickey Mantle,2012 Topps Retired Number Patches #FT Frank Thomas
2012 Topps Retired Number Patches #TS Tom Seaverfrom in trade
-owes once78 bush auto
-owes chriswilliams25 Arod gu jersey card in trade
-owes Daytonator in trade
-owes jd2k2003 partial trade
-owes dbauer2 a Gypsy Queen plate
-owes gamblersheaven $20bv in trade

**Rick8310 -(Casper, WY) owes -blaynero

**leafsin11,goldberg55 (Chilliwack, BC)
**jkligman, Kababyboomer, SeaShawn Jackson, Joakim_Noah, bballskoola- (Thornton,Ontario, Canada) -may say other address but when finalizing its this one) -owes dodgytrousers, kenarm79, rgf17
**tomkar (baie-comeau quebec, Canada )-owes bwhelan87
**COOLBOY, wom80,sherri80, hockeyfan118, oldmanriver118 (Nepean, Ontario) -owes th3coroner, mikeyy1215, joncarrie2006, kfinney1972, bluefrozencanuck , MSWatson, traber1, roaddogg1718, tonytoope
**jblucky-(Dieppe, NB) -owes mrwildcat
**leduc1984- (Quebec, QC) -OWES bluefrozencanuck, miketaylor72, powelldu
**habs1977 -(Montreal QC)- OWES

so i made a trade with this person "chevy123" sent the cards out...went back later after i mailed them and noticed he changed his address...posted a thread about this person and found out im not the only one he screwed over.....thanks for the trade CHEVY123

RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/11/12) - micek0022 - 06-12-2012 12:29 AM

chevy123 owes me too!

RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/11/12) - floydtown - 06-12-2012 08:11 AM

(06-12-2012 12:29 AM)micek0022 Wrote:  chevy123 owes me too!

You did a trade how with him? outside of the system?

RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/12/12) - biglump007 - 06-12-2012 03:59 PM

Man you can always tell when it's summer and school is out cause the naughty list just keeps getting longer

RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/12/12) - sconnienation3 - 06-12-2012 04:10 PM

(06-12-2012 03:59 PM)biglump007 Wrote:  Man you can always tell when it's summer and school is out cause the naughty list just keeps getting longer

LOL! How true, how true.

RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/12/12) - chibearsboy - 06-13-2012 11:01 PM

(06-12-2012 03:59 PM)biglump007 Wrote:  Man you can always tell when it's summer and school is out cause the naughty list just keeps getting longer

no sheet my day these kids would get taken behind the wood shop and had some manners beat to them...

RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/13/12) - ryanmo5 - 06-14-2012 04:22 PM

My goodness that jake guy ripped everyone off it looks like, can't understand how anyone could do that!

RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 6/13/12) - kleinmu - 06-14-2012 08:38 PM

I will find you Jakelovescards.... And when I do it will make everyone proud of me!! What should I do if I ever find him????
He hasn't ripped me off, but I want to help the people who were.....