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FORCED REMOVAL REQUESTS- updated 2/05/2018

FORCED REMOVAL REQUESTS- updated 2/05/2018

Anyone with a forced removal request that has not been resolved yet post here please so we can address them ASAP

We have a dedicated staffer who will be assisting us. Please assist him by following the rules below.


1. Must post pics front & back proving you own. Must be able to read the label showing the serial #. More interested in that than the card itself.
2. Must wait 14 days from INITIAL online removal request to post here
3. Refrain from unnecessary posts to keep this thread from being extended too far. I'll prune as needed once stuff gets fixed .

NOTE : Email me at my jeffv96masters@gmail.com address if no action on your item is done within 14 days of your post here ( as of JUNE 11, 2014). I'll be keeping on top of things as of this date to insure smooth resolutions.


RE: FORCED REMOVAL REQUESTS- updated 07/03/2014
Thanks for fixing mine up right quick!
Wanted: any 1989 Upper Deck cards graded 9.5 across the board or better.

RE: FORCED REMOVAL REQUESTS- updated 04/21/2016

Looking To Buy BGS Graded 9.5/10 Chipper Jones...Contact Me If Selling

RE: FORCED REMOVAL REQUESTS- updated 04/21/2016
(07-13-2016, 04:31 PM)crossada Wrote: Does anyone know if this thread is still being monitored? My Dad has this card that he has never been able to enter because it is in a nonactive member's registry.

It would seem as though this thread is being checked by the moderator every couple of months. The Nomar Garciaparra card I posted in this forum on 6/3 has not had any action taken on it yet.

Jeff does invite us to contact him if 14 days pass without any action. I'm going to give that a shot.

RE: FORCED REMOVAL REQUESTS- updated 04/21/2016
(06-02-2016, 07:25 PM)jaflores Wrote: Requests to the user to release this card from their registry have gone unanswered. Please assist in the forced removal. Below are the required front and back scans of the card in question. Thanks!
Jose ( jaflores) the card is released and should be OK. Thanks for the email

CROSSADA- Send me an email to my jeffv96masters@gmail.com. I dont need the pics again. I'll get the request handled for you



RE: FORCED REMOVAL REQUESTS- updated 2/05/2018
Jeff, could you please remove this from previous owners MJ registry?

1997-98 Finest
#154 Michael Jordan G

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