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Thursday mail scanned on my new scanner!
Holy cow the difference!!

Random PC:

[Image: Jan24524.jpg]

Manning PC: The Foundations is a dupe Sad Bought em both 2 nights apart and didnt realize I got the other lol

[Image: Jan24523-1.jpg]

And this was Wednesday only mail lol Sad little lonely gold brick and the reason I bought my new scanner Big Grin

[Image: Jan24525.jpg]

To compare the difference in scanners:

[Image: Jan24513.jpg]

Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC
Man that new scanner looks a million times better! Good looking mailday as well! If your looking to get rid of the dupe i'd gladly take it off your hands Smile
[Image: desmond_trufant_zpsf20c3d16.jpg]
RC - 16/29
Auto - 39/213
Mem - 2/9
1/1s - 7
Total -89/476 / 18%
Thanks! Its a lot harder to use, well not really a lot, but what I was used to was 1 click for up to 4 cards - This is one at a time (when scanning single cards I mean) just gotta get used to it but now I'll work on scanning my BGS collection Big Grin As for the dupe - If you have a Manning auto I need I would gladly trade it otherwise its going to BGS and I'll keep the highest grade lol
Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC
Nice Scanner!!!! Cards are eh... so so Tongue
Check me out! Updating all the time. Working my ORG daily! Have lots to trade.

Collect Patriots, Texans, Bruins, Texas A&M, UCONN and current project 2011 Certified FOTG /250 set 2011 Playoff Contenders Set

Thanks! LOL I thought so too Tongue
Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC
Yep, I feel ya, could NOT believe the diff in the quality from my last piece o crap scanner to the one I have now. Once you get used to all the details/hidden cool ways to improve the scan etc.. you will be amazed! Fantastic cards btw, shoulda mentioned that first, lol!
Collect: RC's of Kevin Smith, Ndamukong Suh, Megatron, Kevin Jones & team collect Detroit Lions


~~~~~[Image: scan300012.jpg]~~~~~
Thanks! Im slowly learning lol
Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC
This is getting ridiculous with all these Mannings lol
Maybe you coulda just cleaned the glass on the other one its scanned alot of mail lol Nice Pick up oh and the cards are nice too
Thanks JK lol

Thanks Rooster! I've cleaned it a few times I think its just old LOL
Collecting = Peyton Manning
Manning PC

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