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Full Version: LeBron James 2006-07 Topps Chrome Xfractor - has anyone actually seen one?
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I've been looking for an '06-07 and '07-08 Topps Chrome Xfractor of LeBron James and have struck out completely. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on where I could track one of these down? The '06 has a print run of 10 and the '07 a print run of 50. Thanks for your help... I can't seem to find one on Ebay, internet searches haven't proved effective, and I have at least 5 card shops looking to track it down for me, still with no luck.
The 06-07 xfractor /10 is about impossible. I've been searching for one the last year and the only one I've seen is on I don't know if u have found both cards by now but there is a 07-08 lebron xfractor /50 on eBay now for $119
I don't know if this is much help, but I typed in Lebron Xfractor in the search on Photobuckett and a bunch of different pics popped up. I'm not sure what either look like so I don't know if any of them are the ones you are looking for, but I have found some of my hard to find cards this way.