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Full Version: Favorite NCAA team
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Well I live in Louisiana, but even tho they have up and down seasons pretty much the last 6 years, I will always be a Florida State Seminoles fan....
THE Ohio State University
GO LSU BABY!!!!!!!
I actually have two favorites. The Crimson tide, and.................$0 THE SWAMP MONSTERS BABY!GO GATORS!!!!$0

Kansas Jayhawks
slick4hire Wrote:West Virginia Mountaineers. Let's Go---Mountaineers!!!

so what are your views on rich rodriguez?


boomer sooner all the way.7 championships and countless all-americans.still rooting for you sam bradford.OU sooners rule!!!
(10-16-2009, 05:01 PM)gatorfan15 Wrote: [ -> ]Everybody has their favorite team in NCAA mostly depending on where you are from. What is your favorite?
tennessee vols "good ole rocky top"
Gotta love them hogs! GO ARKANSAS
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