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Full Version: Favorite NCAA team
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Got to go with UF. Well just because i am live in florida!
Wisconsin Badgers & Texas Longhorns fan since i was a little kid.
West Virginia Mountaineers. Let's Go---Mountaineers!!!


slick4hire Wrote:West Virginia Mountaineers. Let's Go---Mountaineers!!!

'eers fan eh? You from WV? My wife and her family come from there. We dont get along so well come college football season.
Im a huge Tennessee Vols fan born and raised in south bend, in, home of notre dame. Been a vols fan since i was a little kid and my uncle was in the army stationed in ft.campbell ky/tn(its on both sides of the state border) and remember visiting him and watching the games loving the bright orange uni's and the checkered endzones and have been a fan ever since.
Wisconsin Badgers!  (did you have to ask) :-)
Hmmm, let me think.......
Whichever team isn't favored...that's my favorite.
thought i would add a picture

[Image: boisestatebirdkiller.jpg]
I can't belive another Auburn Tiger fan!!

War Damn Eagle!!!

From Alabama, and not the University of Alabama, the good school, Auburn University.
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