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Full Version: 2007-2008 Bowman Elevation Box Break W/ Scans Lots Of Nice Low Numbered Hits
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I would have to say this is becoming one of my favorite products. This is the second box if opened and im liking it better and better. Here are the hits. Acie Law Rookie GU 9/29, Antawn Jamison Dual GU 3/9, Amare GU 27/29, Marbury GU 70/79, Crittenton Rookie Triple GU 2/9, Jeff Green Rookie GU 64/199, D.J. Strawberry Rookie GU 18/69, Fazekas Rookie GU 16/29.
[Image: scan0002-2.jpg]
Juan Carlos Navarro Rookie 19/99, Dominic Mcguire Rookie 82/99, BIG HIT Greg Oden Rookie 1/1, Yi Jianlian Rookie GU Auto 18/19, (Oden and Jianlian were together in the final pack along with Lebron, Mcgrady, and Gasol base, would have loved to pick that pack up in a shop LOL), Two Stuckey Rookie Autos 2/29 and 236/299.
[Image: scan0003-2.jpg]
Last but not least, even though i hate Marbury, Sick Dual Patch 2/5, first patch looks like part of a letter or number.
[Image: scan0004-2.jpg]
Interested in the Marbury and Jianlian. Check my stuff. Thanks.
PM Sent .. About the Oden .. Also like the Starbury
bump for a nice break, pretty sick for a $70 box at the time, oden 1/1 rc, sick marbury patch, 2 stuckey rc autos (one being sp'ed), and a yi low numbered rc gu's auto. i still have to say 07-08 bowman elevation and stadium club are my favorite breaks of all time, when they were around $70 a box, tons of hits in these products.
You have been killing it with all these nice breaks! Can I send boxes I buy to you so that you can bless them with sweet hits?!
lol, this break is almost 2 years old. i have had decent luck but ofcourse, ive had mediocre boxes too. i have pulled 2 kobe autos this year though, but thats not saying much the way panini has been flooding the market with them.