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Full Version: One Exquisite Box Break 8/27/08
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Exquisite Box Break.
Not great, but not too bad either.

Base: Dwyane Wade /225
Rookie: Al Horford /225
Patch: Marco Belinelli /18
Rookie: C.J. Watson /99
Base: Dirk Nowitzki /25

[Image: boxexq-1.jpg]
Nice break with the Al Horford.  Congrats.

Star Trek

Nice pull.  Will you move the Al Horford.


Very nice patch on the Horford...the Belenelli is nice too.
very nice horford.  i would take your break over a lot of the other one's that i've seen lately.
That Al saved you big time!
Hey, is that C.J. Watson rookie an auto? Interested, either way please let me know. Never have made a deal on this website but I will pay first if available. Thank you
Wow 4 and a half year old thread bump...nice work
Can't imagine how many pages you'd have to read to get to it in the first place. Lol
Man, I have no idea why the site runs so slowly ... I don't know, maybe try a "three year rule" on threads or something? LOL
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