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Full Version: OT: Shoe People which jordans should i get???
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im debating i need some new basketball shoes and i want some j's so i need some help
[Image: rjr3.jpg]
i had some
[Image: rjr3.jpg]
also had
when i had these i never really played in them so lmk which ones are better thanks.


If you are going to wear them on court, I would suggest you to have XII, but if not, either one is okay! Personally I would take X


ima wear them on concrete liek parks and stuff so yea i like the look of the X better also

P_Manning 18

[Image: 17763003_w.jpg]


[Image: allen_iverson.jpg]
thought you might appreciate that bad boy


imo, it is a waste of money to play it on concrete. id rather display them and wear something like starburys for playing.. thats just me..

either one looks good.


I have actually had every pair of Jordan through #14 I would say as I have grown up and Ive only played in a few of them throughout the years. I do remember that though, that the Jordan X was the worst shoe I ever played in. At the time of its original release, it was made a lot differently than the other colorways that came out later. The one you pictured was the first version to be released and it was so thin feeling and had no stability. They were so "loose fitting" that they never stayed tied. I remember I wore them in Jr High State Championship game and had to change them in the middle of the game for something else. On the other hand, the Jordan XIII fit great and never a single problem. SO, sorry for the long reply, was just trying to give you a detailed opinion and hope it helps!


I have never ever ever liked the X's. The XII's are dope in the black/white or the black/red colorways. I think the X's are one of the worst looking pair of J's ever made. They look like a cheap ***** pair of K-Mart specials.


i like the XI best, then the IX which he didnt wear on court but in baseball, and the All Star / Aqua version of the VIII


god both of those are fake dont buyem:x :x :x
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