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Full Version: Looking to trade
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Hello everyone! 

I have added more cards, old and new, football, baseball and basketball.

I am looking for basketball and certain baseball and football.

Also, my 8 yr old son has gotten into Pokemon, so if you have some Pokemon cards I could be interested.
Hello everyone,

I have continued to add cards. My subscription is expiring in 19 days. I intend to take a month off (re-organizing my collection) and then renew. If interested in trading hit me up hopefully we can get some trades completed before the membership expires.

I was intending to take a month off but since Beckett was offering 25% discount in the subscription I re-newed today. I have been adding many cards the last couple of weeks. Have added 2020-21 Mosaic, Chronicles, Illusions and 2021-22 Chronicles draft and Hoops. Please feel free to check my org.