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Full Version: Looking to trade! Lets make some deals wants are marked
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Hello All. I have a ton of items that i am adding daily. Tons of Vlad Jr / Bo Bichette and other stars and rcs. Im looking to finish several sets that i have started building. Here are my wants in somewhat order!

Cavan Biggio 2016 Bowman Draft and Chrome All colors. I have the draft black paper 1/1 so i would love to finish the rainbow.

1994 Collector's Choice Silver Signature 
1994 Collector's Choice Gold  Signature

Basketball -
1993-94 Finest Refractors
1994-95 Finest Refractors
1995-96 Finest Refractors
1995-96 Collector's Choice Player's Club
1995-96 Collector's Choice Platinum Player's Club
1994-95 Collector's Choice Silver Signatures
1994-95 Collector's Choice Gold  Signatures