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Full Version: 2021 Donruss Football
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(09-23-2021, 04:10 PM)Speak917 Wrote: [ -> ]well, technically I do not want to sell it, as like JP, I am a Fields fan.  But the wife wants me to start selling some of my is getting a little out of hand Smile  Maybe I'll ask 15-20k and see if one of those investment firms will snatch it up.  I'll put in best offer as well, but I don't have to accept anything.
Nothing to say you couldn't sell this for a ton while hot, then pick up a nice on card auto in a Bears jersey, and keep the net gain.

People are speculating that the 2020/2021 draft classes are gonna reach Mahomes money.  I doubt it.  Plus we are still in a bubble-esque time though I think it's trending down.  Seems like it's once every 20 years (Montana 1979, Brady 2000, Mahomes 2017) that a truly epic QB is out and maintains hobby dominance for a bunch of years.

But I'd also be super paranoid about selling too!  I was waiting so long when I sold off a 2018 Prizm base Mahomes last year for over $100 for that inevitable return.
And the Leaf Joe Montana Collection where you get a guaranteed Joe Montana autograph only cost $100 a box - should put some of the current prices in prospective
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