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Full Version: Im back after all these years!! Wheres those Rory Mcilroys?
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Hey guys,

indianagolfpro here from Twitter. Some may know and some may not, I am a Super Fan and collector of Rory Mcilroy. I was recognized and surprised by Upper Deck and Rory in 2013 with an amazing personal letter written and signed by Rory. Upper Deck even gave it a hologram and authenticated it!! Truly a one of a kind memory. Beckett featured me in BSCM December 2013 as well. It was an amazing time. Over the years I had to sell all of my autos especially when my wife had to have brain surgery.  A few years later she surprised me with the Exquisite Jumbo Patch RC Auto /25 to replace all the others I had to sell. About a year or 2 ago i sadly was put into a position where I had to sell that one. To this day it crushes my heart that I dont have that one anymore and if it takes my last breath i want to put it back into the collection. 
Im always looking for Rory cards.