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Full Version: Beckett Card Database Contacts
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Good day, Beckett Community!

I have been in touch with the admins in regards to the missing cards from the database, and received a very quick reply! If you have cards that need to be added to the database, please let the corresponding people know in a respectful manner. A scan would help things out immensely, but is not necessary.

Matt Bible ( – Gaming, Non-Sport, MiscSports
Sam Zimmer ( – Baseball/General OPG questions
Steven Dalton – ( – Basketball
Justin Grunert – ( – Football, Racing, Multisport
Jeff Camay – ( – Hockey
Brian Fleischer – ( – Soccer/General OPG questions

Also... no trolling, complaining to, demeaning, or bashing these people. They have millions of cards and memorabilia to work through, which is more than enough. Best wishes, Beckett Community!
Thank You so Much...
jasonyeager Wrote:Thank You so Much...
Ver happy that I can help out!