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Full Version: 2020 Panini Prizm Box Break #1
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I got my 2 boxes of Prizm today. I've only opened one so far, but it was a fun break. I'm tempted to bust the other box instead of waiting for Christmas. I was getting a little worried after 6 packs and 0 AU's. So I started opening packs from the back. The last one in the box had the worst AU card, so I'm glad it didn't end up being the last one I saw. I pulled all 90 base cards, all 6 Variation cards and all 4 SP's. I got 11 duplicate base cards, but one was a VAR (Blaney) and 2 are for the PC (JJ #21 and Bubba Velocity). Below are all the parallels and inserts, including a few PC cards.

Silver Prizms (Jr. is an SP):

[Image: 50666531788_a31bdfd7e9_c.jpg]

Blue Prizms and Red Prizms (Blue Denny is VAR):

[Image: 50667357647_dfd8455d1c_c.jpg]

Red and Blue HyperPrizms (Rowdy for my PC):

[Image: 50667357557_21dd992c4e_c.jpg]

All of the inserts (Byron and Bubba are Silver Prizms & Bubba and JJ for my PC):

[Image: 50667279106_647466d253_c.jpg]

Now for the SN'd Prizm parallels. Two Purple Disco SN75 cards, a White Prizm SN5 and my favorite card in the whole box: a JJ Green Scope Prizm SN99. I LOVE the look of those!

[Image: 50667363322_3f3d002489_c.jpg]

Finally, the 4 AU's in the order I pulled them:

[Image: 50667281301_790124c0be_c.jpg]

The redemption is pretty much crap as it's an SN99 version. Really, they had to still include Thad Moffitt in the AU set when he returned none of the stickers. I'd rather have some random Truck Series driver! Hemric is SN75. Gant is SN10 and clearly the best card in the box. The Dillon is SN24. I also got 4 of the entry cards to win the VIP trip to the D500 next February. I'd love to win that, but I doubt I'm that lucky Big Grin
That Gant auto is sweet
(12-04-2020, 12:12 PM)ZSDOne Wrote: [ -> ]That Gant auto is sweet
Yes it is. I also found out that the Harvick Profiles insert is a case-hit. Odd since it's not an AU or even serially numbered.
Not bad, a lot of Prizm color stuff. Crazy amd cool.
Agreed, the Gant card is awesome. It will be interesting to see the next box, hopefully it’s better for you
Stellar Wrote:Agreed, the Gant card is awesome. It will be interesting to see the next box, hopefully it’s better for you
Box 2 was broken on Christmas. Here are the links to see the non-base cards pulled from it.