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Full Version: 1979 Allen's & Regina Superman The Movie-add to checklist
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Hello and good day to you! May you please forward this to the correct department to have this added to the online checklist? Would love to get these graded!! Thank you for your time and effort, it is appreciated! 

Reference:  Australian & N.Z. lndex – Part I  Wharton-Tigar, E C  1993 1[sup]st[/sup] Cartophilic Ref. Book No.33  Simon & Schuster 

Most Superman movie sets are 1978. The cards say 1978, however the book says 1979 as they might have been released in 1979 in New Zealand.
This is 74 card set only. No series 2, no stickers.
1 Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel
2 Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent
3 Margot Kidder as Lois Lane
4 Zooming Across The Sky
5 Valerie Perrine as Eve
6 Ned Beatty as Otis
7 Jackie Cooper as Perry White
8 Editor and Staff of the Daily Planet
9 Susannah York as Lara
10 Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen
11 Glenn Ford as Jonathan Kent
12 The Majestic Planet Krypton
13 Incredible Laboratory of Jor-El
14 Lois Lane In a Jam!
15 A Study in Villainy
16 Arch Criminals On Trial
17 Briefing Military Police of Krypton
18 A World Torn Asunder...!
19 The Spaceship Blasts Off!
20 Protector of the Peace
21 The Might of Superman
22 A Final Farewell from Lara
23 The Death Throes of Planet Krypton!
24 Clark Kent, Ace Reporter!
25 Destruction of a World in Space
26 Aerial Adventure!
27 Escape from Destruction
28 Journey Across the Gulf of Space!
29 Superbaby Arrives on Earth!
30 Observing Landing of a Spaceship
31 Adopting a Space Child
32 Young Clark Kent (Jeff East) and His Foster Dad
33 The Passing of Jonathan Kent
34 The Youthful Lois Lane and Her Parents
35 Superman Makes the Headlines!
36 Paying a Call on Lois Lane
37 Night Flight
38 Flight Ov er Metropolis
39 Perils of The Big City!
40 The Man of Steel In Flight
41 Panic In the Sky!
42 Amazing Strength of the Star Child
43 Sole Survivor of Krypton
44 Preparing to Leap Skyward
45 Facing Incredible Odds!
46 Trial by Fire!
47 On the Trail of Lex Luthor
48 The Icy Peril
49 Ready for Action!
50 Heroic Stranger from the Stars
51 The Amazing Man of Steel
52 Interview with Superman
53 The Incredible Scoop of Lois Lane
54 Superman Leaps Into Action!
55 Superman to The Rescue!
56 A Daring Rescue!
57 Lois Lane Thanks Superman
58 Rescued by the Man of Steel!
59 Superman (Christopher Reeve)
60 Confronting the Arch-Criminal Lex Luthor
61 Portrait of a Hero
62 Protector of Truth and Justice
63 All-American Hero!
64 First Appearance In the Comics (1938)
65 Soaring Above The City
66 Landing of the Spaceship
67 Nefarious Plan of Lex Luthor
68 The Scheme to Destroy Superman
69 Marlon Brando as Jor-El
70 Jor-El and Lara...Their Final Moments!
71 The Projection of Jor-El
72 Doomsday On Krypton!
73 Life-Saving Spaceship of Jor-El
74 The Infant Son of Jor-El