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Full Version: One Box Break of 2009-10 ITG 1972: The Year in Hockey! Quite a Loaded Product!
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Yesterday I got around to opening a box of ITG 1972, a nice niche product with a very good checklist, I was pleasantly surprised by the value it gave. It gave me four decent autographs, and a game used card as well, plus two blank back base cards and a Gilles Villemure Masked Men card. I can't complain! 

[Image: 4vmqNM4.jpg]

Also, please view the box break video if you can, the subscriber numbers grow slowly but surely Smile
Those vintage goalie masks are crazy.
This was an awesome product. Hard to find anymore. I love the vintage game-used and the Summit Series autos are tough.

Looks like you beat the odds, too. Awesome!
Nice break, if your interested in trading I'm looking for #128 Ab McDonald and #141 Norm Ferguson