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Full Version: Looking to start up a new set of 2005-06 SP Game Used – Authentic Fabrics Autographs
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hello everyone,

I am looking for these 2005-06 SP Game Used – Authentic Fabrics Autographs Set, prefer it to be multi-coloured, These are all numbered out of /50

Here is a picture of it :
[Image: 50344189457_f0cf00b2a1_b.jpg]

Note: RED means I have it. Black means I need it.

Thanks for your time

Pat :dance:

AAP-AE David Aebischer
AAP-AF Alexander Frolov
AAP-AR Andrew Raycroft
AAP-AT Alex Tanguay
AAP-AY Alexei Yashin
[COLOR="Red"]AAP-BE Daniel Briere[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]AAP-BL Rob Blake[/COLOR]
AAP-BM Brendan Morrison
AAP-BO Mike Bossy
AAP-CD Chris Drury
AAP-CN Cam Neely
[COLOR="#FF0000"]AAP-CP Chris Pronger[/COLOR]
AAP-DA Daniel Alfredsson
[COLOR="#FF0000"]AAP-DB Dustin Brown[/COLOR]
AAP-DC Dan Cloutier
AAP-DH Dany Heatley
AAP-DW Doug Weight
AAP-GM Glen Murray
AAP-HA Dominik Hasek
AAP-HJ Milan Hejduk
AAP-HO Marian Hossa
AAP-HU Trent Hunter
AAP-HV Martin Havlet
AAP-HZ Henrik Zetterberg
[COLOR="Red"]AAP-IK Ilya Kovalchuk[/COLOR]
AAP-JB Jay Bouwmeester
AAP-JC Jonathan Cheechoo
AAP-JG Jean-Sebastien Giguere
AAP-JI Jarome Iginla
AAP-JR Jeremy Roenick
AAP-JT Joe Thornton
AAP-KD Kris Draper
AAP-KL Kari Lehtonen
[COLOR="#FF0000"]AAP-KP Keith Primeau [/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FF0000"]AAP-LE Manny Legace [/COLOR]
AAP-MB Martin Biron
AAP-MD Marcel Dionne
AAP-MI Mike Ribeiro
AAP-MN Markus Nasland
AAP-MP Mark Parrish
AAP-MS Martin St.Louis
AAP-MT Marty Turco
AAP-MW Brenden Morrow
AAP-NH Nathan Horton
AAP-NZ Nikolai Zherdev
AAP-OK Olaf Kolzig
AAP-PB Patrice Bergeron
AAP-RE Robert Esche
AAP-RI Brad Richards
AAP-RL Roberto Luongo
AAP-RN Rick Nash
AAP-RS Ryan Smyth
AAP-RY Michael Ryder
AAP-SA Miroslav Satan
AAP-SD Shane Doan
AAP-SG Simon Gagne
AAP-SP Jason Spezza
AAP-ST Matt Stajan
AAP-SW Stephen Weiss
AAP-TB Todd Bertuzzi
AAP-TC Ty Conklin
AAP-TH Jose Thedore
AAP-TP Tom Poti
[COLOR="red"]AAP-TR Tuomo Ruutu [/COLOR]
AAP-VL Vincent Lecavalier
AAP-WG Wayne Gretzky
AAP-ZC Zdeno Chara
I don't have any, but good luck in your quest. I will keep my eyes out for some