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Full Version: How long are orders taking to be logged?
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Was 20 day gaming cards though not sport.
Anyone know how long its taking for Beckett to send email saying they received your order?
giants27 Wrote:Anyone know how long its taking for Beckett to send email saying they received your order?
it was approx 4 months on my 20 day submission
I believe when I sent mine in last May 8th it was June 8th when they actually let me know they've been received.
Now I did the 30-day. Haven't got cards back yet, but they've been graded, labeled, and paid for.
Just anxiously awaiting their safe return from the frozen tundra of Dallas.
$70 sent in September, didnt cash check until Jan 29 2021, still waiting A COMPLETE JOKE!
Mine have been there nearly 200 business days. Now I think COVID is an excuse by now, along with the power outages and snowstorm in Dallas weeks ago.
You try and call that 972 phone number and you can listen to the entire Beethoven symphony as you wait on hold for someone to answer.
I had a 30-day economy submission. I believe they can do better, but trying to get satisfaction is like being put in a WWE sleeper hold by Bobby Lashley.
I just sent 5 hockey cards for the economy with sub grades. I wonder when I’ll get them back? October?
Keep trying to call, or email your Beckett rep.
If you did economy 30-day I'm going to say next January.
Wow, yeah well I am also going to send some vintage cards to PSA hope they are a little quicker.

Good idea, Kfoj07. Never tried PSA yet, but tempted.
What are some of your vintage because I sent in a bunch of them to BVG.
I'll be happy to get some 6's and 7's as most are 64-66 years.
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