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Full Version: How long are orders taking to be logged?
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I had a submission that was delivered early last week and it hasn't showed up in my orders page yet.  How long is BGS taking to log orders?  Their service is slowly turning into PSA.  Slow and expensive.
I'm having a similar issue, but it's relieving to know that it's "normal" and not an issue with the actual receiving since I'm new to this and am hoping for my 20 day submission to go as smooth as possible. I had a friend tell me they submitted cards for the 20 day a month before me and theirs are already graded though. Weird.
My cards were submitted on August 6th for the 20 day service and are still in the "Moved to Repository". At the time of submission, I was advised that it would take 45 days from the time they recved them. Next week will be within that time frame, so we will see.
My cards have been there since May 5th for a 30 day turn around. They say they received them 3 weeks after that and cashed the check. That's the last thing I've heard from them. Good luck.

My cards are finally listed not graded but says they were moved to the repository. So I'm not sure when grading will begin. It's been 4 months and 8 days so far since they were received.
This may help some folks- saw it posted in May not sure how current the info is but been pretty spot on with my stuff although the non-guaranteed quoted is half what reality is ( non guaranteed is more like 18 months not that 10 months being quoted). They send emails when it hits grading roughly 4-6 weeks after the box gets in house is the average I see for my own stuff-- can't talk for others.

Check spam folders is one suggestion and the 2nd is to make sure the email used to registered in one's account is current. As I get emails from folks about various BGS related questions I am finding a LOT of folks who registered many years ago changed emails-- then wonder why they don't get grading emails sent. Make sure all account info for grading is current. It's separate from your main account and should be set up that way- otherwise will need to be set up. See me if your not aware of this fact I'll post some helpful pics of where to look and how to update it.
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The tracking number for my collection I sent it says it has been delivered but 'awaiting collection' for 10 days now. Is this the same as you guys have experienced?
Just an update on my experience... my 30day submission was received 5/18/20, logged 6/24/20 and I just received confirmation yesterday that my cards are done 10/12/20... so just under 5 months.
My cards were received on July 6th for a 10 day service. The eta is 12+ weeks. I counted 15 weeks currently from today and my cards are still not graded.
Finally am going to receive my cards Oct. 30th. I subbed for 10 days on July 6th. Seems like they graded corners harder than normal too.
colts26luck Wrote:Finally am going to receive my cards Oct. 30th.  I subbed for 10 days on July 6th.  Seems like they graded corners harder than normal too.
Awesome. I know you said July 6th, but do you mean your cards were received by them on July 6 or you got an email saying they were to start the process on July 6?
I also did the 10 day service w/ subs...I know my cards got there on Sept 8, but I didn't get an email saying their process has begun until Sept I'm waiting patiently.
However, while waiting in between, I decided to get a few cards graded using the 2-day w/o subs...and wow, super my cards back graded within 7 days of shipping them out! Maybe I was lucky...I expected 5-10 business days as stated. 
Anyhow, glad you got yours back and hope you were happy with the results.
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