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Full Version: Today I Opened My 1st Ever Football Hobby Box! 2013 Panini Rookies and Stars Football
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Hey everyone,

I am quite active in the hockey card community, opening many boxes and wheeling and dealing a bunch both online and off. Lately, I have been slowly branching off into other sports doing a bit of baseball and basketball here and there. Yesterday, I came across a box of 2013 Panini Rookies and Stars Football cards at a decent price at my LCS and it guaranteed four memorabilia or auto hits a box. I decided to pick it up and try my first ever NFL football box. I didn't get any huge hits, though it was still a fun break.

The recap of the hits can be found at the 14:50 mark and pictures of the better hits can be found on my Instagram at BRCGoalieMuseum:
Opened up a crap load of those boxes (and Prestige). For awhile they were very affordable. They were actually down to $29.99 on Blowout. Now up to $99.99 which is more than when it first came out (paid $83 in 09/13). There were a ton of hopeful rookies, but only a few panned out. But for the price I was getting them, definitely a fun break with lots of inserts. Glad you enjoyed your break. Good hit with the Bell auto.

LMK if the Christine Michael Slideshow is FT. I collect Aggies.