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Full Version: Images of Cards
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How do you guys get images of cards that you want to post? I have been playing with my scanner and with my phone.  I can’t say I am happy with either. I was just curious what everyone was doing and if you had any suggestions for improving the quality of the photo.
I use my scanner (scans are required on TCDB). I am usually happy with the scan. Some colors of foil don't always turn out good and holofoil usually looks yellow but I'm too lazy to mess with refining the scan. I know some people really like Photoscape for altering their scans. You can try that free program to maybe get the results you want. BTW, my scanner is a Canon MG6820 and is 3-4 years old now. But after 10's of thousands of card scans, it still works like it did when new.
Adam, thanks for the advice. I actually found "scanning" with my phone to work well. I will post some cards later.