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Full Version: Bubba gets new sponsorship!
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Bubba Wallace and Columbia Sportswear Co. have signed a multi-year agreement. They will be the main sponsor on one of his Dover cars in a couple of weeks and 2 races later this year. But this still doesn't mean Bubba is staying with RPM. This is a personal sponsorship agreement and the company would follow him to another team if he does go somewhere else. I still doubt he leaves RPM though. Here is a link to an Associated Press article with more details:
I think he leaves RPM. ESP if he has already secured sponsorship. Other teams will make him offers and chances are the equipment will be better. I don’t think RPM can be competitive. Not compared to JGR, Hendrick, Stewart.
I disagree with both sentences with RPM in them. With each new sponsor he's added this year, he gained a few spots on the track. Instead of finishing in the 20's and 30's lately, he's been finishing in the teens or better. More money means better parts, in both machinery and personnel. When the season started, RPM only had sponsorship for 16 races and now almost all of the races have a main sponsor.

Ganassi has made an offer to Bubba for the 42 car, but no other details are known about that offer. I'm not saying RPM or CGR is as good as JGR, SHR or HMS, but they're better than most of the other teams. And RPM does have support from HMS. I don't think Bubba leaves RPM unless it's to get in the 48 for HMS. That's the only step UP that he can make. CGR is kind of a step sideways and any other team that has an opening is a step down.
Ganassi has that McDonalds sponsorship for that 42 car, and they are willing to let that car run 15-20 every week so that Bubba Wallace can strengthen that sponsorship deal...

I cannot believe CGR offered that ride to Wallace...not the move i saw them doing at all. Interesting information as NASCAR silly season starts...