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Full Version: 2020 RFFG - Race #20 - STANDINGS
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I figured I'd post this one a little early. This week's race is on Sunday 8/02 @ New Hampshire - 3pm on NBCSN. The cutoff time to make or change picks is on Saturday 8/01 at 11pm EDT. Keep in mind that Race #'s 21 & 22 are on back-to-back days the following weekend.

Here are the current points standings:

1. pbo - 762
2. wsc - 683
3. dun - 669
4. stel - 650
5. kd80 - 639
6. a9a - 636
7. csc - 602
8. lead - 552
9. spaz - 508
10. c4us - 489
11. kev - 316
12. jas - 163
I'll stick with Harvick
Im gonna go with Logano

... am I allowed to just jump in?
(07-26-2020, 06:06 PM)Jaybx123 Wrote: [ -> ]Im gonna go with Logano

... am I allowed to just jump in?
Yes, you are allowed to jump in. You are starting too late in the season to win, but 2 members have dropped out. So you can still keep from finishing last. Have you read the rules for the game? Here is the link to this year's rules thread:

Also, please introduce yourself to the group. We are all on a first name basis here in the Racing Forum. Welcome to the game!
Even though Paul picked him too, I've gotta go with Harvick for this race.

I'm not really chasing Paul at this point anyway. Instead, I am chasing the 2 in front of me and trying to stay ahead of Jordan for now. I really need to make up much of that ground I lost when the season re-started.
Despite his fear of the trophy, I am selecting Denny Hamlin to get it done at New Hampshire. It appears to be a battle between Harvick and Hamlin almost every week.
OK .... nice to meet you all ........well my name is Jay Smile
Welcome to the game Jay. I am Adam. I've been running this game since 2014. Four other members have also played every single year. Nobody has ever won twice. And everyone has always gotten a prize no matter where they finished. Nick (wsc) is our defending champion, with Tom (dun) being the 2018 champion. Our leader is Paul and this is his 2nd year in the game.
The 2014 champ hasn't been on this site for many years now. The 2015 winner was kev, then I won in 2016 and Gary (lead) won in 2017. The winners from 2015-2018 have all played every single year, as well as a9a.

If you wish to donate a prize for the prize pool, PM me. A donation is NOT necessary to play though.
Welcome to the game Jay. My name is Jordan. We are glad to have you join us. Good luck for the remainder of the season.
New Hampshire has been a good JGR track the past few years.

I think Kyle Busch needs a Snickers - he has not been himself, so I am guessing he's pun intended.

I'll take the 18 and a handful of M&Ms - put me down for Kyle Busch.
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