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Full Version: Saturday Trucks and XFinity - nice
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Great driving, great races, competitive. Kansas was a good Truck back to back and the XFinity race was awesome.

When there are no Cup guys in these races, they are exciting and competitive. Keep Kyle Busch out of these races. 

However, something needs to be done about Cautions and Restarts at the end of races, though.  In the XFinity race, it might seem awesome that Brandon Jones comes from the third row to win, but Harrison Burton did all of the work to track down and pass Cindric, then he gets skunked by the whole "bunch them up and restart them" chaos of the restarts. 

Restarts are exciting, I guess, but with less than 5 laps to go, there should not be any pit stops, and with less than ten laps top go, the race should be that many laps, not Green White Checker.  You have a guy that worked his tail off to get out front, and then comfortably out front, then he finishes third because some jerk off in the back of the field hits the wall or loses a tire or runs out of gas...ridiculous.
I kept myself from reading this one until I watched both races. I didn't start watching the Truck race until a few hours ago. Now that I am done watching it, I am happy with the races at Kansas. They were all entertaining and exciting. The Truck races were the best of the bunch! I'm so happy that Crafton FINALLY got another win. He's deserved it for quite a while now. I hate that Pastrana didn't have a better day filling in for Chastain.

As for the NXS race, Jones was par for the course. Nobody "really" wanted to see Cindric win ANOTHER race without any competition. Harrison deserved the win, but he still has to WIN the race. I'm guessing he learned a lesson there.

Tom, make up your mind on what you want to see from NXS b/c you keep contradicting yourself. One race you complain about it being a runaway win and then the next race you are complaining because the runaway leader loses the race! Pick ONE!
I hate races that are runaways, where the leader laps the field and there isn't any racing.

But if you watched this race, Harrison Burton put in the work, there was racing, he tracked Cindric down, they were racing, and with ten to go, or six to go, Burton put it away...not exactly the same as Kyle Busch winning a truck race with 30 laps to go and lapping everybody in the field.

It is a big difference. I cannot stress this enough - if the racing is competitive and the leader starts to pull away in the final laps, then that guy deserves some consideration when the lappers slam it into the wall. I don't know what the hell you are talking about - Burton took the lead with 10 laps to go. Hardly a runaway case you missed it, Cindric led 131 laps, Burton led 8...

And what exact lesson do you think Burton learned there, Adam? That he had good car, ran a great race, and got skunked because some jerk off finishing in the bottom (Graf finished 28th) hits the wall with six to go and brings out the Caution to lump them all together again?