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Full Version: 2020 RFFG - Race #19 - STANDINGS
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Race number 19 is on THURSDAY 7/23 @ Kansas - 7:30pm on NBCSN. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Thursday at 2pm EDT. Sorry guys, I should've posted this sooner. I forgot the race was on a Thursday.

After this one, we get a break until Sunday 8/02 @ NH. The only non-Sunday races in August are the Sat/Sun doubleheaders at Michigan Aug. 8th/9th & at Dover on the 22nd/23rd. Points standings as of 7/20/20:

1. pbo - 720
2. wsc - 641
3. dun - 627
4. a9a - 610
5. stel - 608
6. kd80 - 597
7. csc - 560
8. lead - 552
9. c4us - 487
10. spaz - 475
11. kev - 316
12. jas - 163
Chase Elliott
Another good Harvick track, and BK2 is good here, and that Truex should be ready to get it going...decisions, decisions...

Well, i have railed on him this week, but i think the 18 needs a Cup win against Cup, i will take the 18 Kyle Busch to win, or, literally, explode after the race. Either way, it is good entertainment...
Harvick please
KFB Please
Joey Logano at Kansas this week. Good luck everyone.
Either JJ is bad luck for me or I am bad luck for him. So I need to just stop picking him. Ford seems to win all the night races in Kansas. So I'm going to go with... Ryan Blaney.
KFB Please
(07-20-2020, 10:55 PM)Stellar Wrote: [ -> ]KFB Please
You posted that 4 hours ago. Big Grin
I want to take KB, but so many of you already have. I think I am going to go with Kevin Harvick.
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