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Full Version: Couple Questions about 9
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Hey all, so I am a COMPLETE newbie to anything/everything RACING. And that's of whatever type, Nascar, Formula 1 etc etc. I collect mainly Baseball but also Basketball and Football though those 2 are mainly for investment purposes rather then true collecting. At least I'm honest right? So anyway, like some of y'all I have bought some collections this year and one had a little stack of racing cards. I haven't found ALL of them in the price guide, but I am finding some. My question about 96 Press Pass is that, for example, I have 5 copies of #9 Dale Earnhardt, 2 of them have a RED foil facsimile signature and 3 have a GOLD foil on. What is the difference? I see different names for potential different parallels but no pics are provided, and that's the case with all the cards I have of that set, there's at least1 RED and 1 GOLD. I'm honestly just trying to get an idea of the values on these so I can sell or trade for something I DO collect/follow. The other thing are any of them really scarce and worth grading? Because all the cards in this guy's collection are ABSOLUTELY PHENOMANAL!!! And can probably Gem, at least most would. But I don't want to spend the money to do that for something that wouldn't move. One pretty thing I found is the 1 "relic" card, a card with actual tire rubber, never seen anything like that before and have to admit, it's a pretty wild and cool idea. So, if anyone can explain the difference between the RED & GOLD foil-ed cards PLEASE SEND ME A PM. And I suppose  if anyone is looking for any of this type of stuff LMK and I'll load it into my org. (as long as I know what is what so I'm not going to screw anyone or myself). Ok, well, thanks a bunch everyone, I hope you ALL are Hangin' in there and stayin' healthy! Thanks again and God Bless....
PM sent. To anyone else needing the answer: The gold cards are the base cards and the red foil is the Scorchers parallel. There is also a blue parallel called Torquers.