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Full Version: eBay Alternative
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I know that there is likely no chance of replacing ebay. I, like a fool, posted like crazy during the free postings time. I got my invoice for them yesterday... WTF !!!! I went through some other auction sites. It is hard to find a suitable replacement, just like a replacement for Beckett.  I would use COMC but I am not to keen on sending them the cards first. I had a facebook page but that has been removed because it linked to my eBay store. So, I am looking for a place to sell. I will always trade here but also need to get paid to keep the lights on. Any info would be greatly appreciated. -Joe (& Joey)
There's always Amazon ... I've never sold on there so I don't know what their fee structure is like.

But people ask for some pretty asinine prices to dupe all the rubes and grandmas out there, so it could be pretty profitable.

(Not saying you would try to dupe any rubes or grandmas out there ...)