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Full Version: 2004-05 Ultimate Collection & 2018-19 Chronology. Canada Day Double-Header Box Break!
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Today, I did a very short rip of two packs of mid / mid-high end hockey cards.

I personally love Chronology and excluding this pack, my breaks have been relatively excellent in the product. I know it isn't a lot of peoples' cup of coffee, but for me, it hit all the checkmarks on the whole and is always one that I am happy to break when it pops up at a reasonable cost! 

As for the Ultimate Collection, the '04-05 iteration is not the easiest to find in this day and age, and the chance to get at some older shield cards without rookie cards bogging it down makes it a fun product to open. I did alright with this one with a sick patch.

The break videos are very short, and of course, like usual, where you can see a final picture of all of the hits is on Instagram if you follow my page: BRCGoalieMuseum.

2018-19 Chronology

2004-05 Ultimate Collection