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Full Version: We Buy BULK!
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[size=4]We are interested in buying your bulk from 2019-20 Prizm, Optic, Select, or other premium brands.  We do not buy Hoops.[/size]
[size=4] [/size]
[size=4]Here are the requirements; [/size]
[size=4] [/size]
[size=4]- Rookie[/size]
[size=4]- Serial Number[/size]
[size=4]- Insert[/size]
[size=4]- Color Variation[/size]
[size=4] [/size]
[size=4]We will also buy all of your game used and/or autos from 2019 from these brands.  [/size]
[size=4] [/size]
[size=4]We will pay 5% of the book value for non auto-game used and 10% of the book value for auto-game used.  [/size]
[size=4] [/size]
[size=4]We don't care who the players are!!!!!! If it meets our criteria, we will buy it![/size]
Seems legit.