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Full Version: 2020 RFFG - Race #'s 14 & 15 - STANDINGS
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This week's races are a double-header with a race on Saturday 6/27 AND on Sunday 6/28. Both races are at Pocono.

#14 - Saturday's race starts at 3:30pm on FOX and the cutoff time to make or change picks is FRIDAY 6/26 at 11pm EDT!!!

#15 - Sunday's race starts at 4pm on FS1. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Saturday 6/27 at 11pm EDT.

Here are the current points standings:

1. pbo - 483
2. kd80 - 480
3. wsc - 471
4. dun - 467
5. a9a - 454
6. stel - 401
7. lead - 395
8. csc - 388
9. spaz - 343
10. c4us - 320
11. kev - 316
12. jas - 163


I think I'm just going to stick with Jimmie for both races right now. He's running well at all tracks so far this season. Even though the Toyota's have won at least the last four races in Pocono, JGR seems a bit unsteady this year without practices and are having random issues at random tracks.
14-Chase Elliott
15-Chase Elliott
I will take William Byron on Saturday and Denny Hamlin for Sunday. I made quite a bit of ground last week. Hopefully I can do the same for the double header at Pocono.
I do not think I can get away from the JGR cars...

And I am pretty sure the 18 does not have a win this year yet? Is that right? And that 11 team is on point.

If there was practice and all of that, I might look at Erik Jones and William Byron, but I think I will stay with what I believe are safe picks:

Saturday, Race 14 - Denny Hamlin

Sunday, Race 15 - Kyle Busch
Saturday = Truex
Sunday = Hamlin
Harvick for both
I'll ride with kyle busch for the Pocono races
Saturday - Busch 18
Sunday- Busch 1
brad k
The deadline for Saturday's race has passed and some people didn't pick. They still can with a free pass before the race starts at 3:30. All picks have been written down.
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