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Full Version: Dr Price Knows How To Make a 1/1 Patch! 1 Box 2008-09 In The Game Ultimate
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Today I opened up my anticipated box of 2008-09 In The Game Ultimate 9th Edition! A high-end product with natural protection in the form of plastic encasement, the hits were very nice and one extraordinary hit presented itself to me and truly set itself apart. If you are may feel a little patriotic when looking at it! This type of 1/1 card is what makes this product stand out from anything else.

And because I have been getting so many messages regarding the topic, I will also address it. As I actively hunt for tougher to find products myself and buy such things to break whenever I do find them, I apologize, but I do not disclose my sources in detail. They may be hobby shops, flea market booths, or retired collectors letting me take a look at their storage units and buy items from them.
My favorite product! Judging by the box you opened, and the 2 box case I opened recently, it seems that a majority of the autos are future stars....8 of the 10 from my 2 boxes were. Very cool 1/1 you pulled.
WOW, what a patch! Great pull