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Full Version: First Golden Knights Auto For My PC!
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Hello Hockey Friends,
I was finally able to trade for a Golden Knights auto for my PC ... and it's a doozy - my favorite player, William Karlsson, from a product released during their expansion season a couple of years ago!

[Image: William-Knights.jpg]

My thanks to christophercox20 for a smooth trade and a massive PC add!
No Problem Glad I could help
I got some extra Tuch autos available too as well as a Glass
I will keep those in mind, thank you!

What I'm really looking for these days now that I have the auto is a nice jersey card or patch ... doesn't have to be Karlsson, would be great to have a gold or black swatch or a cool patch.
I have a couple Tuch patches I’ll send pics
Congrats on this card!
Awesome, Congrats
Wonderful pick up, Randy! Congrats!

My thanks to all, it's one of those that the scan doesn't do it justice on how nice of a card it is.