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Full Version: 1 Box of 1997-98 Pinnacle Zenith Dare to Tear! I Got How Many Z-Golds #/100?
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Today I came across a highly uncommon hobby box, a box of 1997-98 Pinnacle Zenith. This was a unique product for the time as every pack had three oversized cards in them housing a regular sized card. To free it, you had to cut open the card. I have no qualms about gutting oversized cards so I did just that today. There is also the chance in there to get some pretty huge hits, most notable of which is the Z-Gold parallels. For example, the Gretzky #/100 is a good $1000CDN card as is.

The Z-Golds were out in full force for me today and definitely made for a memorable break. If you don't have time of the whole thing and you want to avoid the pain of the sound of large cards being sliced and diced for their inner prizes, you can skip to 21:47 where I do a recap of the hits. Note that all of the major hits have already been sold.
Nice break Bruce, that product brings back some old memories.

Thanks for sharing.