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Full Version: Anyone know of a workaround
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Anyone know of a workaround to search my ORG for a team?

I occasionally trade cards that I don't have dupes of and do not have marked for trade in order to get cards I want. These are not cards that I wish to trade but are willing to part with for certain things. Often another trader is looking for a certain team and although I can search my cards by team in the trade function, this only works for cards marked for trade. I want to be able to search my ORG for a certain team.

Example, I am trading with someone who wants Minnesota Twins cards. Other than what I have marked for trade, I want to know what other Twins cards I own so I can decide if I want to mark them for trade and trade them as well. Is there any code to add to the URL on my Organize page to use as a workaround and do a "team search" of my ORG or is this a lost cause?
I'll take that as a "No!".