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Full Version: Taking a break from Nascar.
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Hey guys due to recent decisions by Nascar I will be taking a break from watching, buying or supporting Nascar.  I have enjoyed the last few years it’s been fun and again a big thank you to Adam for all the effort and hard work he has done.  I will still be checking in from time to time.  Everyone stay safe it’s some crazy times we are living in.

God Bless each and every one.

I filled out a NASCAR Survey after Atlanta and warned them about their reactions to the recent protests/riots, knowing full well those event could bring about alienation of the fan base.

I am from Ohio, so i have no history in the south, but virtue signaling reactions may not bring about the changes that people think they will when you attack history.
I hate to hear that Kevin, but I do understand. We'll miss you around here.
We will Miss you kevin
Thanks guys, same here. Hopefully all this craziness will clear up soon.
Hi Kevin, take care. Hope to see you back at some point. Stay safe.
Take care Kevin. Hope this craziness ends at some point and you come back to the sport.