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Full Version: 2020 Score
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Since 2016, I have had remarkably good luck from Score getting at least one really good card out of every box since pulling an Ezekiel Elliot red zone autograph in 2016 -  and sometimes multiple good cards in a box.

Since late last year, Panini's quality control has taken a dip - for the bad (missing autographs in some boxes) or good (an extra printing plate in Plates and Patches) 

These trends came together as Panini's quality control woes continue along with my streak of getting something good out of Score.

The quality control woes show up in the  autographs - there were only three of them rather than four - and all were base autographs.  Two rookie autos and a veteran.

The bad news is that the autos were not good at all - a fifth round wide receiver (John Hightower), a sixth round Tight End (for the 49ers) and the Jets safety who isn't Jamal Adams,

The good news is that two of the three autos were p.c. - one Eagle and one former Florida Gator. 

Yikes, even if Score was still a $100 box product that would be bad.

There were also only four numbered parallels - which might also be low.

On the other hand, one of the numbered parallels was a Red Zone of a future Hall of Famer (Adrian Peterson0 and the other was a huge box saving Eagles p.c. hit 

Jalen Hurts Oklahoma (Hurts has an Oklahoma and an Alabama card in Score) Printing Plate 1/1
Wow, not sure whether to cheer or cry for you lol. Congrats on the plate!
savagenate Wrote:Wow, not sure whether to cheer or cry for you lol. Congrats on the plate!
Its definitely one of those good news-bad news situations
Having looked at some other Score breaks, this seems to have qualified as a good box with the Hurts Plate and Peterson Red Zone - and that is even taking into account the missing autograph.

You just have to love with Panini raising the prices and delivering less!
Panini is 100 percent complicit in the trickle down to the retail idiocy.

Now, I like Score just as much as you or the next guy, but let's be honest ... it's supposed to be a low end, entry level product whose one main key market advantage is that it's technically the first set with "rookie cards" every year (although, now that they don't have team logos or designations anymore I really don't see what the difference is between them and the draft pick sets as far as being official "rookie cards").

By pricing it at $300 or whatever you said the 2020 boxes were listed for on the Panini wesbite, this instantly creates the impression that somehow these cards are more scarce or valuable ... they are not.

Once David Blough emerged as the starting QB in yet another lost season for the Lions last year, I was able to find an endless supply of blasters to chase his cards all the way into December despite these being a May release.

They are not valuable, and they are not scarce.

Panini is blatantly taking advantage of people sitting home during the quarantine, knowing that retail is a total joke right now and that people will pay the markup just so they have something to bust.

(This is not directed at you ... I know you are a Score collector.)

The one card I want is the Ohio State version of the Joe Burrow RC, but I have not seen any blasters or retail product of any kind.

I may very well just buy the single card online if I can't trade for it here, specifically so that Panini does not profit off of this.